November 2017 Academic & Specialist The National Portrait Gallery of Australia

Dempsey's People: A folio of British street portraits 1824-1844 David Hansen

Hardback | Jun 2017 | The National Portrait Gallery of Australia | 9780995397514 | 272pp | 280x200mm | RFB | AUD$64.95, NZD$79.99

This story begins with curator David Hansen's chance discovery of a set of watercolour portraits over 20 years ago, and culminates with a new body of research into little-known portraitist John Dempsey and his enchanting portrayal of British street people. For the first time, 52 of Dempsey's beguiling watercolour portraits are brought together to provide a fresh perspective on the arthistorical narrative of 19th century society. It is a story of the extraordinary travels of Dempsey around Britain, in a time of limited transportation, through to the eventual downturn in the fortunes of travelling painters with the emergence of photography.

Drawn from the collections of Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Alexander Turnbull Library in New Zealand, Dempsey's People will draw you into the life and times of Georgian England.

Twenty years of research by Dr David Hansen distilled into the most complete guide on itinerant British portraitist John Dempsey. 52 rare and enchanting, full-colour works from John Dempsey's 'Docker Folio', and more than 60 supplementary images from international collections.