September 2016 Academic & Specialist Birlinn

The Picts: A History Tim Clarkson

The Picts: A History
Tim Clarkson

Paperback | New edition | Sep 2016 | Birlinn | 9781780274034 | 240pp | 195x130mm | RFB | AUD$22.99, NZD$27.99

This is a new edition of this popular history of the Picts, an ancient nation who ruled most of northern and eastern Scotland during the Dark Ages. Despite their historical importance, they remain shrouded in myth and misconception. Absorbed by the kingdom of the Scots in the ninth century, they lost their unique identity, their language and their vibrant artistic culture. Tim Clarkson pieces together the evidence to tell the story of this mysterious people from their emergence in Roman times to their eventual disappearance.