March 2017 Academic & Specialist Reaktion Books

The Reliquary Effect: Enshrining the Sacred Object Cynthia Hahn

Hardback | Mar 2017 | REAKTION BOOKS | 9781780236551 | 328pp | 250x190mm | RFB | AUD$87.99, NZD$110.99

The Reliquary Effect is the first full survey in English to investigate the societal value of reliquaries. It focuses on relics and reliquaries of the Christian tradition, from the earliest moments of the cult of saints, to the post-Reformation response, to Protestant scepticism about and rejection of relic veneration.

Featuring many superb illustrations of a fascinating mixture of objects, from inexplicably obscure relics to fine art works, The Reliquary Effect is a must-read for students of art history or religion, as well as all those interested in the enduring power of sacred things.