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Art History 101... Without the Exams: Looking Closely at Objects from the History of Art Annie Montgomery Labatt

Paperback (Trade paperback US) | Jan 2023 | Trinity University Press | 9781595348784 | 536pp | 203x152mm | GEN | AUD$49.99, NZD$57.99

Have you ever found art museums intimidating and art history a baffling mix of periods, names, and styles? Annie Labatt's Art History 101 aims to remove this inaccessibility issue in the art world by breaking the history of art down into twenty accessible lessons, each built around a single, canonical piece considered a masterpiece from its era.

Beginning with prehistoric cave drawings and Greek statues; continuing through the Gothic, Byzantine, Baroque, and the Renaissance movements; and concluding with the Impressionist work of Monet and Picasso, Labatt asks us to consider each work and think about the artist who created it and what they wanted us to see. She frames our understanding of the historical and social context of the piece as well as the background of the artist.  

From the tiniest of details to the broadest cultural implications and meanings, Art History 101 helps us see why these works of art are considered masterpieces. In completing the full course, one sees how each piece contributes to a larger portrait  — the full narrative of art history through the ages.