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Undead Dating Service

That Killer Smile Juliet Lyons

Undead Dating Service

That Killer Smile
Juliet Lyons



Strong-willing vampire Catherine Adair gave up on trying to find her perfect match decades ago. These days, she's focused on her career—running V-Date.com, the successful Vampire/Human dating site. So when a London nightclub creates competition by offering interspecies speed dating, Catherine is determined to come out on top.

Too bad the club is run by a demon from her past—the smoldering vampire overlord, Ronin McDermott. Ever since the two shared a steamy night years ago, he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her. But vampires are being murdered and when Ronin and Catherine are thrown together to solve the mystery, Catherine can't help but question why she's so drawn to the man she thought she hated…