December 19 Academic & Specialist Anthem Press

ISIS and the Pornography of Violence Simon Cottee

Paperback | May 2019 | Anthem Press | 9781783089680 | 186pp | 228x152mm | RFB | AUD$29.95, NZD$64.99

'ISIS and the Pornography of Violence is a compilation of Simon Cottee's extensive repertoire of stories and reporting on ISIS from 2014 to 2018, with particular focus on ISIS videos, motivations and propaganda. It challenges well-worn concepts and provides a breath of fresh air to the study of ISIS terrorism.' — Mia Bloom, Professor of Communication and Middle East Studies, Georgia State University, USA

ISIS and the Pornography of Violence is a collection of iconoclastic essays on ISIS, spanning the four-year period from its ascendancy in late 2014 to its demise in early 2018. From a trenchant critique of the infantilization of jihadists to a probing examination of the parallels between gonzo porn and ISIS beheading videos, the pieces collected in this volume challenge conventional ways of thinking about ISIS and the roots of its appeal. Simon Cottee's core argument is that Western ISIS recruits, far from being brainwashed or "vulnerable" dupes, actively responded to the group's promise of redemptive violence and self-sacrifice to a total cause.