April 2017 Children's & YA Sourcebooks

Pretty Fierce Kieran Scott

Pretty Fierce
Kieran Scott

Paperback | Apr 2017 | Sourcebooks Fire | 9781492637981 | 210x140mm | GEN | AUD$18.99, NZD$24.99

Ages 12 to 17 years

The daughter of professional assassins, Kaia has been on the run her whole life. Then her parents vanished after a job gone bad, and for the past year, she's been in hiding, trying to blend in as a normal teenager with a normal boyfriend, Oliver. But when she's jumped by a hit man, and Oliver catches her holding a gun to her attacker's head, Kaia's secret is exposed. And in a split-second decision, she flees her small town, taking Oliver with her. With only each other for protection as a host of hit men try to capture them, can Kaia and Oliver survive long enough to uncover the mysteries of her past?