Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera

Hawkmoths of Australia: Identification, Biology and Distribution, Volume 13 Edition
Maxwell S. Moulds, James P. Tuttle, David A. Lane

Hardback | Jan 2020 | CSIRO Publishing | 9781486302819 | 424pp | 297x210mm | RFB | AUD$220.00, NZD$350.00

Hawkmoths are large charismatic insects with highly variable and colourful larvae. Some species are specialised in their habitat preferences, but others are widespread and often encountered in gardens. However, little is known about most species, and associating the adults with their larvae has previously been difficult or impossible.

Hawkmoths of Australia allows identification of all of the Australian hawkmoths for the first time and treats species found on mainland Australia and all offshore islands. It presents previously undescribed life histories of nearly all species and provides a comprehensive account of hawkmoth biology, including new parasitoids and their hawkmoth hosts. Detailed drawings and photographs show the external and internal morphology of adults and immatures, and eggs, larval instars and pupa. Keys are provided for last instar larvae and pupae of the 71 species that the authors have reared. A glossary, appendices to parasitoids and larval foodplants, an extensive reference list with bibliographical notes and a comprehensive index conclude the book.