Forms and Colors: Sophia Vari
Carter Ratcliff, Paola Gribaudo

Sophia Vari is an innovator in the world of classical modern sculpture. Not content with being a painter, she experimented with the three-dimensional realm, first sculpting in bronze, then in marble, and recently in the precious and semiprecious mediums of jewelry design. Vari has also uncovered the powerful effects of her classical polychrome forms in monumental scale. In her work, she has been able to integrate the mental and the physical, cerebral and sensual, planar and volumetric—giving life, elegance, and joy to a medium that can often be static.

This lavish book contains new, never-before-seen work from the Greek artist. From Sculpture to paintings, this book explores Vari's work through every medium throughout her career and traces her influences. Uncover what drove Vari to become an artist and hear personal words from the artist herself that best explain her inspirations.