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Feminism: The March Toward Equal Rights for Women
Jill Dearman, illustrated by Alexis Cornell

Hardback | Apr 2019 | Nomad Press | 9781619307520 | 128pp | 254x203mm | Forthcoming | GEN | AUD$39.99, NZD$47.99


Why are women treated differently from men? What is feminism? Why is this movement such an important part of the history of civic rights, and why is it still important today?

Feminism: The March Toward Equal Rights for Women invites middle and high schoolers to examine the different stages of the feminist movement, from early mentions in history through the suffragettes' fight for the vote to today's evidence of feminism in the struggle for equal pay and equal rights around the world. As social justice movements gain more traction in the national news media, many students are evolving into activist citizens who are working towards bettering humanity and the planet. This history of feminism gives them an introduction to the ways and means of community activism, which can be applied to a multitude of causes.