The New Hackett Aristotle

De Anima
Aristotle, translated with commentary by C. D. C. Reeve

Paperback | Dec 2017 | Hackett Publishing | 9781624666193 | 272pp | 229x152mm | TXT | AUD$34.95, NZD$39.99
Hardback | Sep 2017 | Hackett Publishing | 272pp | 229x152mm | TXT | AUD$89.00, NZD$105.00

This richly annotated, scrupulously accurate, and consistent translation of Aristotle's De Anima fits seamlessly with other volumes in the series. Sequentially numbered endnotes provide the information most needed at each juncture, while a detailed Index of Terms indicates places where focused discussion of key notions occurs. An illuminating general Introduction describes the book that lies ahead, explaining what sort of work it is and what sorts of evidence it relies on.