Chocolatology: Chocolate's Fantastical Lore, Bittersweet History, & Delicious (Vegan) Recipes
Angel York, Darin Wick, illustrated by Cat Callaway

Hardback | Apr 2018 | Microcosm Publishing | 9781621062899 | 192pp | 178x140mm | GEN | AUD$24.99, NZD$29.99

Where does chocolate come from? What is its history and science? And how do you incorporate it into every meal of the day and then some? Angel York and Darin Wick invite you into the world of chocolate, walking you through its lore, history, and uses.

Chocolatology gives the casual cook dozens of ways to incorporate this stellar ingredient into everyday dishes from sweet to savoury, historical to contemporary. It takes intrepid food scientists a step farther, into the art of sourcing beans, making chocolate from scratch, and enjoying both modern and 17th Century chocolate concoctions.

Chocolatology takes you through the precolonial and sometimes bloody colonial history of cacao, and takes a close look at the chocolate industry and its history, and introduces readers to a variety of trade initiatives and suppliers that are working to improve the lives of cocoa growers and their employers. Unlike many books about chocolate, this one offers a balanced, evidence-based overview of cacao's health and nutritional value. Best yet, the book is packed with delicious and healthy vegan recipes that put chocolate beans to their best uses.